Masks Made With ♥️

I first started making masks back in March when the pandemic was just taking hold. I knew then that when we reopened it would be on me to keep my co-workers and clients safe. I watched many how-to videos, taking a basic pattern from this one and a neat trick from that one. By April it was impossible to get supplies, so I was forced to make what turned out to be some nice design upgrades based on the need to improvise. I’ve made over 300 masks, giving the bulk away to friends, family, and random store clerks who were in dire need of a safe face covering. A friend told me that this was my version of a modern day Victory Garden.

Now that we’ve entered a new phase of the pandemic, I’ve put away my sewing machine. Lots of masks are now readily available to keep people safe. I hope soon we won’t need them at all.

Thank you!